Research Into Compassion Focused Therapy for ABI

Research Into Compassion Focused Therapy for ABI

26th February, 2020

Dr Fiona Ashworth and Dr Debora Sa at Anglia Ruskin University are recruiting people with acquired brain injuries for the following study:

Study Advert: Compassion Focused Therapy for people with Acquired Brain Injuries


When things go wrong for you, do you:

Tend to beat yourself up? Feel down in the dumps? Feel anxious?

Would you like to learn how to be more compassionate to try to reduce these difficulties?

If so, would you be willing to help us with our study?

Description: If you feel you are struggling with symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and you have a tendency to beat yourself up, we would like to invite you to learn more about the study and be screened to see if you would be suitable to take part. If you are, you will be randomly allocated to take part in a 12-week Compassion Focused Therapy group with other service users with acquired brain injuries, where you will learn ways to be more self-compassionate to try to improve your wellbeing. In addition, we will also ask you to fill out some questionnaires about your emotions, mood and brain injury symptoms, complete some cognitive assessments and complete an interview at the end of the intervention.

Eligibility: Anyone with a brain injury over the age of 18 who experiences self-criticism and symptoms of anxiety and/or depression.

Duration: Attendance at a 12-week group for two hours each week

Where? Headway Cambridgeshire Hub or Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge

Researchers: Dr Fiona Ashworth and Dr Debora Sa

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please contact us via telephone or on the email address below:

Telephone number: 01223 695 101 (Fiona Ashworth) or 01223 698 449 (Debora Sa)

Email address: or

The study has received ethics approval by the Science and Engineering Faculty Research Ethics Panel (FST/FREP/18/819) under the terms of Anglia Ruskin Universitys Policy and Code of Practice for the Conduct of Research with Human Participants.

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