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Headway Cambridgeshire has been needed for many years, and will continue to be needed in the years to come. Leaving a gift in your Will to Headway Cambridgeshire can make sure that we will always be here.

When making a Will, many people think about leaving something to a charitable cause they believe in or have supported during their lifetime. If this is the case for you, then we would like to ask you to think of leaving something to Headway Cambridgeshire.

Your legacy will help us to pioneer new approaches and react quickly to ensure that we will always be there, with the right support at the right time.

Leaving a gift in your Will to Headway Cambridgeshire

We are very grateful to everyone that remembers us in their Will. Not only does this make a lasting difference to the lives of people with a brain injury but it also means that our supporters can leave a positive and life changing legacy.

A solicitor can help you draft a Will and make sure you get the wording right. If you wish to leave a gift to Headway Cambridgeshire then please make sure you include our name, address and charity number:

Name: Headway Cambridgeshire
Address: 5 Blenheim Court, Peppercorn Close, Peterborough, PE1 2DU
Charity no: 1062886

You don’t need to inform us that you’ve left a gift in your Will to Headway Cambridgeshire but it can be really helpful for us to know so that we can plan for the future. Please contact us if you’d like to tell us about the legacy you have left or if you have any questions.

Most gifts left to charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax and can also help to reduce the amount that you pay. More information can be found on the HMRC website.

Making your Will

There are many reasons to make your Will, such as making sure the people and causes you care about are taken care of and avoiding family disputes. If you don’t make a Will then it is unlikely that your wishes will be carried out.

Whilst you do not have to appoint a solicitor, we would highly recommend that you do. A solicitor can help you draft your Will to make sure that it is valid. If you do not have a solicitor then The Law Society can help you to find one in your area.

When making your Will you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Work out what assets you would like to include in your Will (e.g. property, vehicles, savings)
  2. Decide who you would like to benefit from your Will (family, friends and charitable causes)
  3. Decide on the type of gifts you would like to leave:
    • A pecuniary gift is a fixed sum of money which, due to inflation, can be devalued over time
    • A residuary gift is where you set aside a portion of your estate after everything else has been paid to be divided between named beneficiaries
    • A specific gift is where you leave a specific item (such as jewellery, a car, property, etc.) to a beneficiary
  4. Decide who should look after any dependants or pets
  5. Decide if you have any specific wishes for your funeral
  6. Choose an executor / s who will sort out your estate and carry out your wishes as detailed in your Will.
  7. Appoint a solicitor to draft your Will

It is also important you keep your Will up to date as many life changes, such as getting married, having a baby, moving home, etc., can affect it.

To find out more download our 'Guide To making Your Will, written in conjunction with Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

Common questions

I don’t have much to give; can I still give to charity?

Gifts left in Wills to charities come in many shapes and sizes. You can give as little or as much as you are able, whether this is a specific amount or gift, or a percentage of the remainder of your estate (a residuary gift). All gifts left to Headway Cambridgeshire, regardless of size, make a difference to the lives of people with brain injuries.

Does leaving a gift to a charity mean I can’t leave something to my family?

Many people leave gifts to both charities and their loved ones. This will be a personal decision for each individual. You can make sure that you have taken care of your family first and then think about what you might want to leave to charity.

Does making a Will cost a lot of money?

The cost of making a Will will depend on its complexity and whether it is a single Will or a pair of mirror Wills. It will also depend on whether or not you employ a solicitor. Most Wills can be made for under £200.

Is making a Will complicated?

Making a Will does not have to be complicated. A solicitor will take you through the process step by step and make sure that everything is legally correct.
Ever since Headway has been involved, my son’s life has completely turned around.
Chris, Headway client