Our rehabilitation hubs in Chesterton and Peterborough are a place to work, learn, explore and enjoy.

We offer a range of facilities and sessions, run by skilled rehabilitation workers, which are designed to help people meet their goals whatever they may be.

Our sessions are delivered in groups and our clients are involved in the design and delivery of all of our programmes.

Each individual will have an assessment to identify personal needs and goals. Whether these goals are to get out and meet more people, increase confidence, develop skills or improve physical functioning, our programmes can help.

Creative Arts

We offer creative arts sessions delivered by specialist staff with a background in rehabilitation and the arts.

People can choose from a range of mediums including fine art, drama, animation, craft and music. All artists are encouraged to develop their own interests and styles.

Through creative expression individuals are able to practice and develop new skills, build a sense of self, develop fine motor skills, improve and enrich communication, build confidence, reduce anxiety and inspire and support others.

Those that wish to can work towards performance or exhibition.

Communication and Cognition

Our cognitive and communication sessions are delivered by staff with a wealth of experience of executive functioning, information processing, and speech related challenges that people may experience after brain injury.

Whether it is discussion topics in the news, working on strategies for memory improvement or problem-solving tasks, our sessions can support your cognitive rehabilitation.

Exercise and fitness

Our fitness instructors are very experienced in working with people with a range of specific challenges including; hemiplegia, balance and co-ordination, sensory impairment, reduced limb mobility or weakness, muscle wastage and changed body shape and confidence.

“I never imagined I’d be walking around without a stick. Now I can walk indoors without it. The gym instructor is absolutely brilliant. He’s helped so much to develop my strength and stamina. He knows exactly how to encourage our potential.”

"My name is Martin. Headway has been brilliant for me because I suffer from atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, and the medical professionals say that the best remedy for that is exercise and I can do that in a safe environment at Headway Cambridgeshire with a structured programme."

Headway Cambridgeshire casts its magic on people. It brings out the best in all of us.