Growing Together

Growing Together is a gardening project with a difference. As well as providing practical skills and techniques, particularly organic and permaculture principles, it also encourages the participants to make connections between what is happening in the natural world and in their own lives. It traces a horticultural and emotional path from loss to recovery.

The last cycle of what has been a three year project will begin in September. Two previous groups have successfully completed the course. These are some of their comments:

"The course uses horticultural practice as a framework for learning how to nurture yourself and others. I have learnt much more about how the natural world relates to and influences our own growth and development and our connectivity with other people."

"The course has turned out to be not at all what I expected, although it has been brilliant. I was expecting for it to be the traditional sort of volunteering which involves helping other people out, but I have been learning alongside my fellow participants. Everyone is valued for what they bring to the project."

"For the people in the group with brain injuries it was helpful, I think, because it showed that we don’t all work in the same way and that they didn’t need to be limited by their brain injury. It feels like a very safe place where you don’t have to care about the things that hold you back. Everyone is just happy to be there, getting on with it. It became the highlight of my week."

The free six-month course aims to get experienced and not so experienced gardeners together, along with people who have suffered brain injuries, so that all the participants can share their knowledge and learn both about gardening and about brain injury. It will provide an opportunity for participants to help other people as well as develop their own skills. The aim is to support Headway clients to increase their gardening knowledge and enable them to move into voluntary or paid employment.

Growing Together is a project for adults who live in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough. The weekly course will offer volunteers the chance to develop the hands-on experience and confidence to work in a horticulture setting and to support people with brain injuries to do the same. It will also be an enjoyable experience for all concerned and will provide an opportunity to meet new people.

 This year’s course is running from 13th September 2018 until mid-March 2019:

Transport costs will be covered.

If you would like to volunteer and be part of something special, please contact Simon Lacey on 01223 576550 or for more information.

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