New Additions To The Board

New Additions To The Board

9th July, 2020

We are very pleased to welcome two new members to Headway Cambridgeshire's board of trustees.

Greg has a career background in biotechnology/medicine and has worked as a principal scientist at several Cambridge based companies. He had a brain haemorrhage in 2015 and accessed Headway Cambridgeshire services such as Community Connections. He says;

"When I was in hospital I found the acute service superb but there wasn’t much help afterwards. Headway Cambridgeshire massively filled this gap for me. My brother in law also has a brain injury and his local Headway branch was a big help for him too.

I worked with Angela (OT) 1:1 for a number of years and also attended the Community Connections course. Headway allowed me to feel like I wasn’t alone and could deal with my problems. It helped me realise that I wasn’t being daft or silly and I could work around my challenges. I remember chatting with everyone during break times on the course and learning that a lot of our challenges were common and talking about it helped.

I hope that Headway Cambridgeshire’s clients will find it easier to approach the board through me , as someone with ‘lived life experience’ of brain injury. It sounds like a cliché, but I applied to be a trustee because I wanted to give something back. I can’t work now so hopefully being able to achieve things and help clients is going to help me as well.

I’m looking forward to meeting clients, staff and volunteers at various sites and project post-lockdown!"

Maggie is joining our board of trustees as an experienced HR professional. She has worked in the Civil Service, NHS and for charities in various HR roles. She says; 

“As a line manager in my Civil Service job, I dealt with staffing issues as they came up. As HR began to specialise and widen the scope, I developed an interest in diversity and protected characteristics, in particular disability.”

Maggie’s personal experience of brain injury was part of the reason for her interest in becoming a trustee; 

“My father-in-law had a bleed on his brain and attended his local Headway branch. Unfortunately it was time bound due to external funding and we realised how valuable the service was (to both him and also my mother-in-law for respite) when he could no longer attend. He has now set up his own social group with other ex-clients with brain injury, and they meet up once a week at their allotment!  Brain injury wasn’t an easy journey for the family - he was a very different person but the rehab he received from Headway really helped. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone at Headway Cambridgeshire and learning more about the organisation.”

Headway Cambridgeshire casts its magic on people. It brings out the best in all of us.