Still making an IMPACT!

Still making an IMPACT!

4th September, 2020 - 12th October, 2020

Ends: 12th October, 2020

We are thrilled that we are able to share our most recent heritage research project; IMPACT! Brain Injuries and WWI with you all again!

The Headway Cambridgeshire Research Group developed and carried out this project April 2018-October 2019, producing a radio show, a film, bus posters, a publication, an educational toolkit and a performance at a local theatre!  We were overwhelmed by the support and praise the project received and loved being able to work with different people and organisations in our community.

The Museum of Cambridge are hosting an exhibition of our research from 4th September to 12th October which some exciting WWI related additions of their own! Head to their website for more information.

We'd love to see your photos and hear feedback if you do visit the exhibition! You can contact us via:

Email - 

Facebook - @HeadwayCambridgeshire

Twitter - @headway_cambs

Instagram - @headway_cambs 

As a brain injured person it can sometimes be hard to feel positive about your progress but the gym instructor at Headway Cambridgeshire pushes me in the right direction and helps me to feel more enthusiastic about what I am able to achieve and what I might achieve in the future.