Having Historical Impact

Having Historical Impact

19th April, 2018

Following on from last year's research project, this time round, the group is aiming to explore and interpret the history of people with brain injuries in Cambridgeshire as a result of the First World War.

The project will be led by a group of people with brain injuries that currently attend Headway Cambridgeshire. They will research the untold history of the people of the Cambridgeshire Regiment who received brain injuries and the hospitals in Cambridge where they were treated.

The group will commission a drama performance from students at Coleridge School, based on the outcomes of the research and students from Anglia Ruskin will develop posters to be displayed on buses. The work will be presented in an exhibition and book and all progress will be reported in a podcast run by Cambridge 105 Radio Station.

One of the members of the research group, Sonia says:

“It is very interesting to get involved with this research. Thank you for giving us a chance to believe we can do it.”

Headway Cambridgeshire’s Chief Executive Kathy Bullock says;

“We are absolutely delighted to have received this National Lottery grant. It will allow our clients here at Headway Cambridgeshire to understand their own injuries in a wider, historical context and to play a meaningful part in creating greater awareness of the impact of brain injuries during the war. I am particularly excited that we are going to be working with several community groups who we hope will gain experience and skills from their involvement with the project.”

Robyn Llewellyn, Head of HLF East of England, says:

“Thanks to money raised by National Lottery players we’re delighted to support this project which will share underused archives and untold stories to explore the experience of those with brain injuries during the First World War and the legacy it has had for treatments, awareness and people today.”

If anyone is interested in participating in the project please contact Headway Cambridgeshire. 

I struggled with a lot of issues, especially how I felt my father’s personality had changed and Headway Cambridgeshire helped me a lot at that time in my life. They made me feel much less alone and I’ll always be grateful for that.