We Need You!

We Need You!

24th March, 2016

Would you be interested in being recorded talking about your experience of brain injury?

Would you like your story to become part of the historical record of Cambridgeshire?

Headway Cambridgeshire are running an exciting heritage project called ‘Looking Back at Making Headway’. This project involves recording the oral (or spoken) histories of people in Cambridgeshire with a brain injury. These stories will be archived in the Museum of Cambridge and form part of a website and exhibition to help others learn more about the history of brain injury.

If you are interested in being interviewed for this project, please contact Headway Cambridgeshire.

Telephone: 01223 576550 Email: info@headway-cambs.org.uk

Thank you for the support and advice that you have been giving my husband. This has in turn taken a lot of pressure off me and has helped me through his bad days and angry spells.
Christine, wife of Headway client