Waitrose Cambridge Donate to ‘Making Headway’ Event

Waitrose Cambridge Donate to ‘Making Headway’ Event

9th February, 2017

The local Cambridge branch of supermarket retailer Waitrose has generously donated an assortment of snacks, as well as a gift card to be used to order buffet food, to Headway Cambridgeshire. The food will be enjoyed by guests attending our ‘Making Headway’ event taking place at Parkside Community College on Wednesday 22nd February.

The event is open to everyone and attendees will learn about the history of brain injury through an exhibition, talks and a film. Following the awarding of a Heritage Lottery grant, the event is the culmination of months of research and planning by our Forward Focus Group, made up of eight Headway Cambridgeshire Clients.

Fundraiser Gavin Chappell-Bates said:

“Everyone at Headway Cambridgeshire would like to thank Waitrose Cambridge for their generosity and support. This event celebrates the exceptional, and very interesting, work of some of our clients. We wanted to make sure that we had an appropriate event to match their achievements and this donation can help us do that.”

As a brain injured person it can sometimes be hard to feel positive about your progress but the gym instructor at Headway Cambridgeshire pushes me in the right direction and helps me to feel more enthusiastic about what I am able to achieve and what I might achieve in the future.