To Gloup With Glory

To Gloup With Glory

12th September, 2017

Our target was 874 miles which is the distance between the two locations. After a week of steps out of wheelchairs, marches down corridors with walking frames, family outings, going to work on foot, trips to the supermarket, runs, hops, staggers and a good few circuits of the Headway gardens we managed a mighty 1183 miles, about the distance between Land's End and Gloup in the Shetland Islands.

We would like to extend our thanks to Sam's mother Mary who did 112 miles all by herself.

We all feel fitter but the best part of the challenge was the fact we did it together.

If you would like to support our endeavour the link is here

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.