The Malcolm Williams Award 2015

The Malcolm Williams Award 2015

5th January, 2016

Each year, we present the Malcolm Williams Award to a Headway Cambridgeshire client. The award recognises the efforts and achievements a client has made in their life following their brain injury. Clients can be nominated by Headway Cambridgeshire staff or by other clients.

The award is presented annually in memory of the late Malcolm Williams, who attended Headway Cambridgeshire as a client some years ago.

In fact, once again, we presented two awards for the Year 2015: one to a client at our Cambridge hub, based at Ida Darwin; one to a client at our Peterborough hub, based at Sue Ryder’s Thorpe Hall.

Cambridge hub winner - Wendy Taylor Creek

The winning nominee at the Cambridge hub was Wendy Taylor Creek, based on the hurdles she has overcome and challenges she has risen to this year including:
  • Breaking her hip was a massive set-back but this did not stop her determination to walk again – she was back in the Headway Cambridgeshire gym as soon as it was medically safe, rebuilding her strength and mobility
  • Wendy suffered a big dent in her confidence after her stroke but has faced her fears and taken on public-speaking and ambassadorial work representing her fellow Headway Cambridgeshire clients
  • Where-ever she goes, Wendy tells people about Headway Cambridgeshire, and the clients that the charity supports and she encourages them to look at the client blogs, to which she is a regular contributor.
The award was presented to Wendy by Kathy Bullock, Headway Cambridgeshire Service Manager, as part of the Headway Cambridgeshire Christmas Celebration on Wednesday 16 December 2015. Wendy was absolutely delighted to receive recognition for her progress.

Peterborough hub winner - Sam Strickland

The winning nominee at the Peterborough hub was Sam Strickland based on his continued determination to achieve his long-term goals and his kindness and consideration to his peers, including:
  • Ever since Sam started to attend Headway Cambridgeshire, one of his goals was to volunteer, and he was very clear that he wanted to support other people with brain injury. In the last year, Sam began working as an activities volunteer for PJ Care at their Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre.
  • Sam is very kind and considerate to other hub clients. For example, he will support and encourage other clients to achieve tasks they may be feeling uncertain about.
  • Sam will engage in conversation with all clients irrespective of gender or age and he demonstrates both patience and respect to other clients and staff.
The award was presented to Sam by Sharon Calver, Hub and Community Brain Injury Coordinator, in a ceremony at Headway Cambridgeshire’s Peterborough hub on Monday 21 December 2015. Sam was elated to receive this recognition for his achievements and spent the next session, which was Art, making a Christmas card and thank you message for the Headway team. Sam said: “Thanks a lot for the award, it made my day.”

SS card

We think you will agree that both our winners of the Malcolm Williams Award 2015, deserve three cheers and a big round of applause!

Of course, we know that all our clients deserve recognition for the way they strive to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. And we can’t wait to see who will be nominated next time round….

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.