The Long Walk

The Long Walk

15th August, 2017

We have just taken delivery of a new treadmill at our Peterborough hub and to celebrate this great event and to encourage everyone to become more fit, the clients, volunteers,trustees and staff at Headway Cambridgeshire are participating in a virtual walk from Land's End to John O' Groats.

Our target is 874 miles or 1,748,000 steps (the average person does 2000 steps each mile) which is the distance between the two places.

The plan is that during the week of 4th-10th September the participants will keep a record of the steps they have taken and at the end all the totals will be combined. For some it won't be the distance covered, but rather the effort put in. A ten step contribution will be as important as the efforts of someone who decides to walk to work, rather than drive. 

Anyone interested in participating can email Madeleine Reiss on: 

You can sponsor us on our long walk here

As a brain injured person it can sometimes be hard to feel positive about your progress but the gym instructor at Headway Cambridgeshire pushes me in the right direction and helps me to feel more enthusiastic about what I am able to achieve and what I might achieve in the future.