Sharon and Hazel's Rock Solid Race

Sharon and Hazel's Rock Solid Race

2nd October, 2015

Headway Cambridgeshire's Peterborough hub service, based at Sue Ryder's Thorpe Hall, is looking to expand and incorporate a gym to aid rehabilitation after brain injury.

Rehabilitation Worker Sharon and her cousin Hazel decided to help Headway Cambridgeshire achieve this goal by setting themselves a really grueling fundraising challenge. So they entered the Rock Solid Race, held on 19 September 2015. Essentially, this is a mud-based assault course that would challenge even the fittest of athletes. Hazel and Sharon trained for months in the run up to the event and opened a JustGiving web-page to raise sponsorship.

Sharon said: “We are fundraising with the aim to purchase a treadmill for the gym which will provide Headway clients with the opportunity to work on regaining as much independence as possible.”

She added: “The opportunity to take part in physical exercise in a safe and controlled environment is imperative for many people on their rehabilitation path after brain injury. A suitable treadmill will be a valuable addition to the service Headway Cambridgeshire can provide.”

Sharon and Hazel set themselves a fundraising target of £1,000.00 and through their sheer determination they were successful in achieving their goal.

Thank you to Sharon an Hazel for their amazing efforts and to all their supporters who helped make their campaign successful. Your support is very much appreciated by all at Headway Cambridgeshire.

Sharon & Hazel’s JustGiving page is still accepting donations – so please help by donating if you can. Thank You.

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.