Making Headway - A Magical Event

Making Headway - A Magical Event

8th March, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended our wonderful Making Headway Event on Wednesday 22 February 2017. We were especially pleased to be joined by so many supporters on such a stormy evening! The event was held in the Theatre at Parkside School and guests enjoyed drinks and canapes whilst taking in the entertainment.

Making Headway Event 3

The evening saw our Heritage Project clients launch the results of their history research project. The clients have been learning about the history of brain injury and how the treatment of this and other disabilities changed in Cambridgeshire over the years.

To do this, the group had searched through local archives for documents and photographs. They had also interviewed many people who were involved in, or affected by, changes in the way brain injury has been perceived over time.

Making Headway Event 1

Gathering their research together, the clients have presented their findings in an exhibition, including a digital timeline, audio interviews and films. As well as archive material, the exhibition included contemporary accounts of people’s experiences, demonstrating how much people’s lives can change as a result of a brain injury.

Several of the clients who had taken part in the research project presented the evening’s events and the films and stories, which were very inspiring, were well received by all. Everyone agreed, it was a magical evening.

Work on the timeline is continuing and if you missed that event, the clients will be presenting their findings again at other events in the future. The clients would love to hear your feedback on their digital timeline. You can look at the digital timeline here.

This project, the culmination of almost two years’ work, was made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Heritage Lottery Fund - Lottery Funded

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.