Headway Donation From Founder's Family

5th December, 2011

Long-term supporter Peter Durrant presented Headway Cambridgeshire with a donation of £572.15. The money was donated by guests at Peter's son's wedding reception in summer 2011. Newly-weds Edward and Helen Durrant wanted to support the charity that was started over 20 years ago by Edward's mother, Sarah. Donations were made in memory of Sarah who sadly died several years ago. Peter was joined by Maurice Reynolds who worked with Sarah at Headway Cambridgeshire back in the 1980s and who continues to help at the Cambridge day service two days a week as a volunteer.

Headway Cambridgeshire staff said: "Headway Cambridgeshire was started over 20 years ago by a group of concerned parents and carers of brain injury survivors. Sarah and Maurice helped establish a group offering support and care to those affected by brain injury at a time when no such support existed. Today, we have developed into a leading charity in the field of brain injury providing cognitive, emotional and practical help and guidance to brain injury survivors and their families. We are very grateful to Edward and Helen and their guests for their generosity, which pays tribute in a tangible way, to the memory of Sarah Durrant. We wish them every happiness in the future."

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.