Farewell to Sabrina

Farewell to Sabrina

2nd August, 2013

This week we said goodbye to Sabrina Lewins, a long-standing volunteer at Headway Cambridgeshire. Sabrina had been working with clients at Headway Cambridgeshire for over 13 years but felt that it was time to take a well-earned rest.

During her time at Headway, Sabrina had worked in a number of roles, supporting clients individually or within group sessions, such as the Media Group.

Sabrina was instrumental in introducing the board game ‘Go’ to Headway clients and the game was popular because the rules are simple and logical and yet the game affords the opportunity to develop strategic skills. Sabrina was also often in demand to support clients with Scrabble and crossword puzzles and had introduced a very popular poetry reading group.

As Sabrina retired from her volunteering role Headway, staff and clients gathered at a tea party on Thursday 1 August 2013 to thank her for all her support and friendship over the years.

Mary Goode, Headway’s Chief Executive thanked Sabrina for all her support and presented a certificate of lifelong membership to Friends of Headway Cambridgeshire.

One of the Cambridge hub service clients, Martin, thanked Sabrina on behalf of the all the clients, noting all the times she had patiently read crossword clues to him over the years.

Sabrina has done so much to support the clients of Headway Cambridgeshire over the last thirteen years and we all offer our thanks and good wishes to her.

The Hospital Brain Injury Co-ordinator became someone who absolutely understood how I felt, I didn’t need to explain. I could talk about my fears and worries. She was such a great support through the difficult days, but could also celebrate the small step successes, which was important to me.