Auction Raises Marrvellous Sum

Auction Raises Marrvellous Sum

28th September, 2017

Our ambassador Andrew Marr presided over the fundraising event. After having a stroke a few years ago Andrew found painting to be a useful part of his own rehabilitation and he is keen to support other people with brain injuries.

Well-known artists and clients from Headway all donated works of art to the auction which raised £12,000 which will go towards maintaining our services. 

Andrew Marr said:

'The evening was a great success. I am happy to support such an effective charity which provides a lifeline for people with brain injuries. I have found great solace and satisfaction in being able to paint and I know many of the people who attend Headway Cambridgeshire find the same thing. People with brain injuries sometimes struggle to express themselves and creating art provides a way of communicating feelings and working through changed circumstances. 

Andrew's own painting The Birds and the Trees raised £1400 towards our total.

The evening was generously supported by Childerley, Marks and Spencer Cambridge, Cheffins and Brain Injury HTC.

Ever since Headway has been involved, my son’s life has completely turned around.
Chris, Headway client