A Winning Combination In The Garden

A Winning Combination In The Garden

9th October, 2015

Each year, Headway – the brain injury association, invites nominations from the community in recognition of those affected by brain injury who have made extra special achievements.

Those brain injury survivors, carers, volunteers and campaigners who have overcome difficulties, initiated improvements and inspired others. We invited Headway Cambridgeshire staff and clients to make nominations for the awards. The finalists will gather at a ceremony in December 2015 where the winners in each category will be announced.

Simon Lacey, our Horticulture Therapist nominated Colin who has overcome many difficulties since acquiring his brain injury and has gone on to become a volunteer at Headway Cambridgeshire. Colin is a mainstay of our horticulture therapy program and this is his story, as told by Simon:

"Colin has worked really hard over the past 2 years to help develop a therapy garden for people who have experienced brain injury. Colin has a brain injury himself and has in the past, accessed Headway Cambridgeshire’s support services. He has used his experience and the insight he has gained, to help create a garden which has already helped many Headway Cambridgeshire clients in their recovery journey.

Without his hard work and commitment, we would not have progressed to anywhere near the extent that we have.

He makes the 60 mile round trip by public transport from St Neots every Tuesday. He is reliable and punctual in spite of the vagaries of bus network and tackles any job he is asked to undertake without complaint and largely under his own direction. He not only takes on tasks he is asked to but is also constantly on the look-out for additional ways to help out.

He has become proficient in a range of tasks from pruning to weeding, tending to the chickens to creating wildlife habitats.

In addition to his hard work and can-do attitude, Colin is always thinking about how others might benefit from his work e.g. he might spot a piece of wood while pruning that might be suitable for wood carving or some other craft activity.

He has been doing this now for two years and has made a real contribution to the garden and by extension to the quality of the sessions we run for our hub clients."

Colin is a runner-up in the Headway Awards and has been awarded a certificate in recognition of his achievements. Simon and Colin are a winning combination – to us, Colin is Headway Cambridgeshire’s Volunteer of the Year!

Headway Cambridgeshire casts its magic on people. It brings out the best in all of us.