Charity Begins At Work

Charity Begins At Work

6th November, 2018 - 30th November, 2018

Ends: 30th November, 2018

We have so many wonderful supporters who run, bake, swim and occasionally even dance their way to raising funds for us.

We are grateful to each and every one of them, but we are now asking future fundraisers if they would go a step further and involve their employers in their fundraising efforts.

These are the ways in which you could do this....

1. Ask your HR department at work if they would consider running a Give As You Earn Scheme. If you donate £10 to us in this way it will only cost you £8 if you are a basic rate tax payer. We can help your employer to set the scheme up if needed.

2. If you are thinking of fundraising for us perhaps you could persuade your employer to support us too by matching the money you raise.

3. You could consider nominating us to your company as their charity of the year so that we are the focus of their charitable endeavours for 2019.

We love to showcase our supporters who enable us to carry on providing essential services for people with brain injuries.

Ever since Headway has been involved, my son’s life has completely turned around.
Chris, Headway client