Wendy’s Blog – Autumn 2015

Wendy’s Blog – Autumn 2015

23rd October, 2015

Welcome to Austin

I’d like to wish a warm welcome to our new boss Austin Willett. We hope you have an enjoyable time while you are with us. I know that I and the rest of the crew are looking forward to the coming months and years. Here’s hoping that you get as much fun working here as most of us do every time we come here.


Hello there,

I would like to write about Headway, what it does and what it has done for me. It has helped me in so many ways. You are never ever judged.

You are allowed to do things at your own pace, which I think is so great. Headway has helped me to begin to walk again. The fitness instructor is very patient and knowledgeable, and is willing to learn along with you on the way to your recovery.

It has helped me and many others to regain our communication skills. We play games like scrabble. It can get very good sometimes with us all finding some brilliant words. There is also a Forward Focus group which does what it says on the tin. We are planning things and that involves thinking, communication and FUN.

Another group is Life-skills, which is usually cooking and we are often making things we have never tried before. There is also an animation group. We are working again on our communication skills. The gardening group also involves communication as well as soil and lots of fun. They grow some really tasty fruit and vegetables.

The people who help us are so wonderful. Each one listens to our wants and needs and tries to help where they can.

Yes, I am so glad that I joined this very special community. It has done wonders!

Thank you for the support and advice that you have been giving my husband. This has in turn taken a lot of pressure off me and has helped me through his bad days and angry spells.
Christine, wife of Headway client