Non-emergency transport consultation update

Non-emergency transport consultation update

26th November, 2015

In October we had a visit from Kyle Cliff to talk about people's experiences of using non-emergency patient transport. Our client bloggers Chris, Wendy and Colin have put together some information below on the service provided by the NHS and the answers to the questions we put forward.

Are you eligible for non-emergency patient transport? The answer may well be yes. After consulting with the clinical commissioning group (CCG) we discovered many people may not be accessing this service as they are making do with other means of transport that may be causing a very difficult or long journey unnecessarily. You can check full eligibility criteria by clicking the below link:

Non-emergency patient transport eligibility

We asked the CCG some specific questions and the responses were very encouraging. We were left feeling that many people are probably eligible for the transport and should give it a go.

These are the questions we asked and the responses we got:

  1. Can the eligibility criteria change according to the weather conditions? For example, I can use public transport to get around but when it is icy or snowy it is too dangerous for me as I am unsteady on my feet.

Answer: The circumstances you describe probably mean that you are eligible for patient transport. If balance and walking is an issue for you, then you are potentially always eligible to have patient transport. If you only choose to use it in certain weather conditions that is your choice. You could use the bus if you are feeling up to it and that is what you want to do, then book transport if conditions, or how you are feeling mean that you are not able to use the bus.


  1. Why is it so complicated to put transport in place? I have been sent a category 1 car when I needed a category 2 car so I couldn't attend my appointment.

Answer: We know this is an issue for patients, and hope that by having a single point of access, manned by staff who understand the needs of patients and all the transport variations available that circumstances like this will not happen.


  1. Why can’t patients arrange transport for themselves? I believe it would be much simpler than going through third parities such as GP's.

Answer: We agree with you. Having a single point of access would allow you to book the transport for yourself. Some people may still want their GP practice to do it for them, and that can continue to happen, but you will be able to book your own transport, and explain all of your needs.

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