Messages and reminders from Wendy

Messages and reminders from Wendy

3rd June, 2016

Our regular client blogger, Wendy, has a few messages and reminders for us all this month:

"I saw Sarah Millican earlier this year and she was so funny. Very very good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend if you get the chance to go and see her. She is so much funnier live than she is on the TV. "

Unfortunately it hasn't been all fun for Wendy as she explains about a recent hospital visit:

"Last week I had to visit the hospital which for me is very regular. I am starting to get really annoyed by people smoking at the hospital doors. If people wish to smoke that is fine by me BUT the hospital is meant to be smoke free but the amount of people who smoke outside it is..grrrrrr! Because I am in a wheelchair I am often at the level of people holding their cigarettes and I get all the smoke in my face and it is not very pleasant at all. I feel when you say something to people you can get a grumpy response and it's not worth it. Please could people abide by the rules. I know that hospital can be rather frightening at times but please - keep the hospital smoke free."

And last but not least, a very important reminder..

"May I remind you all about the Seeds of Summer garden party held on June 11th at our Cambridge hub in Fulbourn. It will be great fun for all the family. There will be lots to eat and plenty to do. Please do come along and share any memories that you have about Headway. I look forward to seeing you all there -11am till 3pm."

More about the Seeds of Summer Party here

Ever since Headway has been involved, my son’s life has completely turned around.
Chris, Headway client