Jules Corry Blog

Jules Corry Blog

4th July, 2014

One of Headway Cambridgeshire’s Peterborough hub service clients Jules Corry, has decided to write his own blog and publish it on the internet.

Jules was cared for cared for by PJCare at their Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre in Peterborough and now he attends the Headway Cambridgeshire hub service that is based there.

Jules has asked us to let everyone know about and share the link to his blog, which is about his experiences as a person living with brain injury. This is a wonderful way to share ideas and get people thinking and talking about the issues that affect those living with a brain injury.

As well as an initial introduction, Jules has kicked off a discussion about holidays for people with disability and brain injury. He raises some interesting questions and invites comment.

Visit Jules’s blog and join in the conversation.

Headway Cambridgeshire casts its magic on people. It brings out the best in all of us.