Heritage project ready for it's close up!

Heritage project ready for it's close up!

16th February, 2017

After a year and a half of hard work by the Research group at Headway Cambs, the project is now ready to meet the public. Here Wendy explains a bit more about her mission to spread the word:

" As our "Big Event" is about to take place, I have been armed with a cheery smile and a handful of posters, and set about my task of inviting people to come along. My first task was at my GP surgery. I took some along where I explained what it was all about. I asked if we could pin up some posters and was told it was okay. Thanks! It was a great help. There was quite a bit of of interest from the professionals as I was pinning them up, they were genuinely interested.

My next visit was to the exercise group 'Posability' where I asked Debs if she would be able to come. She took the small posters and handed them out to everyone, telling them all about it and urging them to come along. I felt rather pleased with my efforts and had more places to visit the next day.

I had a hospital appointment which made me anxious but all was okay. I had hoped while I was there to go up to the Lewin ward with my posters but you were not allowed on the ward because of the flu outbreak. A kind technician who dealt with me said she would put some where I was and also take a few up to the Lewin ward and tell them about it there. I also managed to put posters in all the stores in the concourse and on a couple of notice boards. 

I have been very busy putting them up in lots of places, always asking first. Even supermarkets were most helpful. Chances are if you see a poster - and hopefully you do- it will have been put there by me! Please do come along, we are going to have a very interesting evening including talks, one of which I am doing. 

It is at Parkside Community College on Wednesday 22nd February at 6pm"

As a brain injured person it can sometimes be hard to feel positive about your progress but the gym instructor at Headway Cambridgeshire pushes me in the right direction and helps me to feel more enthusiastic about what I am able to achieve and what I might achieve in the future.