Exhibition launch event a success

Exhibition launch event a success

15th March, 2017

Our last client blog saw Wendy explaining how the Research Group was gearing up for the big launch event of their 'Making Headway' project. The day has now been and gone and Wendy has given us her account of the evening, and an insight into the ups and downs life with a brain injury can bring:

" Well the day we had been waiting for arrived, the launch of the Headway heritage exhibition. We had worked lovingly on our project for quite some time and really enjoyed it. The heavy rain was a bad start as I felt it would put people off, but nothing was going to spoil it for me. I was going to have some fun! I got ready and waited for my taxi. You come to find travelling when you are in a wheelchair isn't always straight forward, and tonight was no different, but that's another story...
I was ready to meet up with the others. A few of the Research Group members couldn't make it but we managed alright. There were lots of people to meet and talk to who asked many questions about our journey. People were also taking lots of photos of us and the exhibition.
The food was very tasty, very tasty indeed and this was supplied by Waitrose who did us proud. Some of the wine had been donated by Bacchanalia and nice too it was. Our talk got underway and a film about us was shown. Meanwhile the oral histories could be listened to throughout the event.
Eventually it was my turn to speak. By now I was beginning to get a little upset. I tried so hard to fight my emotions but to no avail. The tears began to fall and they wouldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. Even the applause from the audience couldn't stop the tears falling. I left the room feeling like I had let everyone down and for a short while was inconsolable. However the people who work at Headway are wonderful and patient and listened to me and calmed me down. I took a few deep breaths and was ready to go back into the room. Flanked by people cheering me on I was treated to a resounding round of applause - I felt very touched. Almost everyone wanted to talk to me and shake my hand. Some told me I had said more about brain injury than mere words could have done. They admired my determination. That made me feel ten feet tall. I realised I had not let anyone down at all. I had shown that a brain injury is all too easy to pull you back at times, but believe me, I will beat this. All in all it was a good night to start our exhibition off.
One down point was that the evening was also a goodbye to staff member Beth who is leaving us to move onto pastures new. She has been a great help to us and will be greatly missed. We wish her every success in the future. "

Find out more about the evening and view more photos from our news story here

I struggled with a lot of issues, especially how I felt my father’s personality had changed and Headway Cambridgeshire helped me a lot at that time in my life. They made me feel much less alone and I’ll always be grateful for that.