Diary Of A Wheelchair User

Diary Of A Wheelchair User

7th January, 2016

Our regular client blogger Wendy has written about the trials and tribulations of public transport when using a wheelchair as well as occasions when things go right. Wendy highlights the emotional changes that can happen based on how people treat those using wheelchairs and the effect it can have on the overall experience.

First Wendy tells us how it can feel when people don't respond so well to situations involving wheelchair users:

"Last week whilst I was getting on a bus (which I do quite regularly I might add), I felt like I was man-handled on to the bus by the driver despite my protests. The journey was uncomfortable and painful due to the bus breaking so fast which sent a jolt through me, causing tremendous pain and making me cry. I was so glad to get off that bus."

Luckily Wendy does not always have that experience of using buses in a wheelchair. When people act with a little care and respect things can turn out so much more differently as Wendy's account of a recent concert shows:

"I had waited a long time to meet my hero Justin (singer of rock band 'The Darkness'). Tonight I was to get my chance at the Corn Exchange which is quite a good venue if, like me, you are in a wheelchair. I was met at the entrance and I was shown the way in the lift to the balcony to my reserved seats. The staff were most helpful. They even brought me a drink from the bar when I couldn't get there because of the crowds.  They were not patronising at all and treated me as 'normal', talking to me as if there wasn't a wheelchair there, it was great.

Now the moment I had been waiting for..THE DARKNESS....WOW! It was fantastic and so great, there I was singing away - all pain forgotten - and then Justin looked up at me and smiled and it made it all worthwhile. Then he threw his plectrum up at me, I will always treasure it. I sang my heart out and I really enjoyed it. The one thing that wasn't quite right was those lovely long locks of Justin's were no more - he had had a drastic haircut. I asked him why? He said he just fancied a change.

I really enjoyed the rock concert and I cannot wait for another gig. Perhaps I feel that I should add this as I know it's hard but try to keep up a hobby. It makes all the difference. I love going to concerts where I can forget about being disabled for at least a couple of hours. It does not matter what it is either. Soon I will be going to see Sarah Millican and I can't wait. Anyway, I wish you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR"

You can see if there is anything on of interest at The Corn Exchange in the coming months here.

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