See our exhibition

Our exhibition is at the Central Library in Cambridge until 21st May 2017.

You can also see the exhibition on 15th July 2017 at our Fulbourn Hub.

If you can’t make it to see our exhibition you can view it online.

After many months of research into the social, political and medical history of support for people with a brain injury we were ready to present our findings. We decided the most engaging way was through personal accounts which explored the places, people and legislation that influenced the care provided for those with a brain injury. Although the accounts are fictionalised, they are derive from actual experiences and tell the stories of the individuals involved. The characters used are fictional apart from Ida Darwin, whose account is based on her own writings from the time.

Our exhibition was premiered on Wednesday 22nd February at our opening event 'Making Headway' and we gave a talk to accompany it.  You can watch our talk below.


Through our exhibition we have used the language of the time in order to be historically accurate. ‘Feebleminded’ could be used to describe a range of people, who were thought to be unable to look after themselves. These included unmarried mothers, people with a learning disability and those with a brain injury. We no longer use these words and today they are considered offensive.

Thank you for the support and advice that you have been giving my husband. This has in turn taken a lot of pressure off me and has helped me through his bad days and angry spells.
Christine, wife of Headway client