Listen to our Oral Histories

We all have stories to tell and as part of the ‘Looking Back at Making Headway’ project we wanted to capture contemporary stories about brain injury.

We believe that the people who come to Headway Cambridgeshire are ‘experts by experience’ and their personal stories are the best way to understand what it is like to live with a brain injury today. Working in partnership with Shelley Lockwood, at the Museum of Cambridge, we trained ten volunteers to collect Oral Histories. An Oral History is a spoken record of somebody’s thoughts, feelings and experiences. Oral histories are often called “living histories” because they contain the experiences of people who are alive, told in their own words.

In the recorded Oral Histories you can hear the personal experiences of people treated for a brain injury and their thoughts on medical care, families, challenges and rewards, attitudes to disability and how their lives might be different following their injury.


‘People seem to think there is a downside, and it was a down side … but it’s part of me. I realised I’m seeing a different side of life.’ – Stephen


We would like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us for this project. You can click on the play buttons to listen and read their stories.

I struggled with a lot of issues, especially how I felt my father’s personality had changed and Headway Cambridgeshire helped me a lot at that time in my life. They made me feel much less alone and I’ll always be grateful for that.