About Headway Cambridgeshire

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Headway Cambridgeshire began with one family in 1989. Sarah Durrant and her husband Peter, lived and worked in Cambridge when Peter sustained a brain injury as a result of a car accident. Sarah looked around for support in the community and when she was not able to find something that matched Peter’s needs, she decided she would have to create it.

Sarah’s aim was to improve local support for people with a brain injury, together with her friend Maurice Reynolds, she founded Headway Cambridgeshire. In 1991 they were able to secure an old ward on the Brookfields Hospital site, off Mill Road in Cambridge, for minimal rent to use as a meeting place. The building was named ‘Headway House’.

In 1999, Headway House was subjected to an arson attack which gutted part of the building. Support from the local community helped Headway Cambridgeshire rebuild and raise over £20,000 to repair the building.

Not long after the building was repaired, the owners of the site increased the rent, making it unaffordable. Headway Cambridgeshire and their supporters lobbied Cambridge City Primary Care Trust until they agreed to reduce the rent and cap it at an affordable rate.

In December 2012, Headway moved from Headway House to the Ida Darwin Hospital Site where we are today.

You can learn more about Peter and Sarah, and the beginnings of Headway Cambridgeshire, by listening to Peter’s oral history.

I struggled with a lot of issues, especially how I felt my father’s personality had changed and Headway Cambridgeshire helped me a lot at that time in my life. They made me feel much less alone and I’ll always be grateful for that.